The physics paradigm today is based mainly upon the concept of c-square, the squaring of the speed of light in a vacuum. Numerous fundamental physical and chemical constants provided in the physics literature [CODATA] reflect numerical values based upon powers of c, the speed of light in vacuo. The speed of light in a vacuum is determined to represent the upper limit of movement of mass|energy by physicists. Yet, scientists carry this numerical value to higher powers of c, which have no material existence. The speed of light in a vacuum is employed in various fundamental physical constants. Generally, these different ideas in today’s physics paradigm are held without reservation among physicists. In fact, any critique of the physics paradigm is generally ignored or denied without explanation. In the author’s view, by defending the physics paradigm through denial, physics runs the risk of becoming in some regards a pseudoscience. 110pp. ISBN 1 58616-475-9


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